5 Gluten Free Ways to Entertain During the Holidays

Tis the Season….for holiday hosting frustration! I enjoy hosting holiday parties for family and friends. Hosting any type of get together is stressful enough and trying to put together GF food and non-GF food in the same space is just asking for contamination. I keep a GFV kitchen because I refuse to marginalize my own family’s dietary habits and needs. But that doesn’t mean I’m a jerk about it.

I work hard to serve food that tastes great; regardless of its GFV nature. That may go without saying, however those of us who regularly cook for non-GFV’ns, will often hear, “wow, that tastes so good,……for being vegetarian,” or “not bad,….for being gluten free.” I just don’t mention it. I serve food with out comment and fanfare, and let the dish speak for itself.

There is a psychological component to this too. You don’t want to pre-activate your guests’ internal bias. If you don’t make it a big deal, it won’t be a big deal. Food often tastes the way you think it will taste. You know how they say that 70% of taste is smell; well I think 90% of enjoying anything, is mental. Those of you with young kids know what I mean.

Here are 5 simple tips for serving your non GFV guest with recipes they will love, which won’t require justification for not being wheat or meat.

There are only 3  sources for gluten in the world (wheat, barley & rye), and before I started operating a completely GF kitchen, I had never even used 2 of them (barley & rye). So no, it wasn’t really hard making the decision to manage the kitchen 100% GF. The hard part is committing to cooking everyday in the first place. Because there’s only about a billion things you can make without wheat.

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